Re: [mirrorbrain] upcoming release -- what's missing?

From: Florian Effenberger <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 19:04:19 +0100
Hi Peter,

2014/1/3 Peter Pml <>:

> I am working on a release, fixing some things and trying to catch up
> with things I heard, and bug reports. I am keeping the current list of
> changes up to date here:
> So if you want to tell me what's missing in the next release, please go
> ahead.

glad to hear a new release is on the horizon - thanks a lot! :)

I wanted to contribute more already, but was desperately lacking time
myself, so didn't manage yet. What I have done, however, is to clone
the project at OBS. Note I'm not a developer, so it was more
coincidence it worked, but I managed to create builds for Ubuntu 12.04
and Debian 7.0, including IPv6 support. Seems the build is broken
again, but anyways, I have given you maintainer access for

Note that this is the repo TDF is currently using on its machines, so
please don't experiment, otherwise LibreOffice downloads are at stake.

Otherwise, here are a few bugs that would really be nice for the next
release to be fixed: (maybe not fixable via MB)

Thanks a lot for your work! :)


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