Re: [mirrorbrain] getting involved in MirrorBrain development

From: Florian Effenberger <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 09:19:01 +0100

2014/1/3 Peter Pml <>:

>> thanks for your fast reply!
> Sometimes it takes a little longer ;)

no worries, I know that problem myself. ;-)

> I see issue 122 about this. I'll look at it.


> I think, just let me know and do it in whichever way works for you guys. Or if you want a different repository elsewhere, why not...

The SVN one is just fine, I think! Our developers prefer git, but I am
not biased here, as I am not a developer myself. ;-)

> It seems that Ubuntu 11.10 was renamed in the openSUSE build service (it
> had 'x' in front in the past). I reenabled it. (Do you still need it? It
> has been a while.)

Yes, would be wonderful - I know a few projects that'd prefer 12.04
builds of MirrorBrain.

> I also added you as openSUSE build service maintainer to the
> Apache:MirrorBrain project.

Thanks a lot for the trust, much appreciated!

>> How do you write and publish documentation at the moment? Via RST files?
> Exactly.

Ok, cool! When I find some time, I try to push my notes for the 12.04
installation, after having verified it with the current build -
chances are some of the glitches I documented workarounds for have
been fixed in the meantime.

Thanks again, and looking forward seeing you at FOSDEM,

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