Donate to the MirrorBrain project!

Thousands of hours of work have gone into developing and supporting MirrorBrain. Please consider supporting the author so that MirrorBrain can continue to improve.

What does the MirrorBrain project do?

The MirrorBrain project:

  • Works together with open source communities to develop the best content delivery solution, free for anyone to use.
  • Helps open source communities with setting up and operation MirrorBrain services.
  • Fixes bugs and implements new features in MirrorBrain.
  • Carries out research and development in advancing MirrorBrain, and download infrastructures in general.
  • Tries to establish collaboration between open source communities, and their mirrors, turning coincidental overlap into collaboration.
  • Pays for hardware and other costs for hosting the servers.
  • Provides not only practical help to open source communities, but also donates hardware and bandwidth in doing so.
  • Provides a backup server for the download service of
  • Helps administering the download service of both and

To learn about recent MirrorBrain activities, visit the news archive and mailing lists.

How can I donate?

Contributions from organizations and individuals are welcome. Please use PayPal by clicking on the button below:

How else could I contribute?

  • Disk Storage. Donation of disk storage and bandwidth would be appreciated very much. To develop and test MirrorBrain, it is necessary to provide content, and to run mirrors. This requires bandwidth and disk space which need to be rented. If you have a server that we could use, it would be a welcome contribution. Please get in contact.
  • MirrorBrain is developed 100% in personal spare time. If you want to provide the author a treat, you can make his wishlist shorter. Another thing he would appreciate would be a poster from Routeviews data.

Donors - Thank you for your support!

The following people or organizations have made donations or supplied financial development support:

  • Dan
  • Harrie de Vaan
  • Daniel Nergard
  • Julie Kinnear
  • Heather Hadden
  • David Tsegai
  • Jay Banks