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Alternative solutions


DNS-based solutions:

  • Apache Traffic Control - an Open Source CDN

  • GeoDNS (geographically-aware DNS resolution), as used by e.g. A little rigid, as it expects all servers to be tightly synced at all times.

  • The Coral Content Distribution Network is DNS-based, but not transparent to client applications.

  • DNS round-robin, as used by Debian: simple scheme, which is a solid approach for its purpose, but generally requires a client that is configured to access an appropriate server. Requires servers to be tightly synced at all times.

    Another example for DNSrr is the Ring Server Project.

Proxy networks:

  • CoDeeN is a proxy server system created at Princeton University and deployed for general use on PlanetLab. To access this system, URLs are prefixed with
  • Cacheboy is a software in development to build a system of interconnected proxies. It is based on a Squid 2 derivative and, according to the documentation, requires root access on all mirrors.

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