MirrorBrain mailing lists

There are three mailing lists for MirrorBrain. mod_asn is also discussed on these lists.

mirrorbrain [archive] [another archive]
is the main mailing lists for developers and users. It sees between zero and a few messages per day. This is a good place to send questions about MirrorBrain, and discusssions around ideas for the future. This list also receives all announcements that go to mirrorbrain-announce. Subscribe to this list by sending empty mail (content or subject don't matter) to: Or click here [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [post to the list]
mirrorbrain-announce [archive]
carries only messages from the maintainers announcing new releases, which happen at most a few times per month. Choose this list if you want to receive only announcements, and nothing else. Subscribe to this list by sending empty mail to: Or click here [subscribe] [unsubscribe]

If you subscribe, it may take 10-60 minutes until you receive the request for confirmation, due to greylisting being used for protection against spam.

Please report problems with the lists to the postmaster AT mirrobrain DOT org, but note that you can control your own subscription using the mail interface.

Platform-neutral discussion mailing list

discuss [archive]
is a list that can be used to meet other mirror admins, as well as content providers - and share ideas, insights, and discuss how we want to use mirrors in the future. Subscribe to this list by sending empty mail to: [subscribe] [unsubscribe] [post to the list]


#mirrorbrain channel on


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General mail address

info AT mirrorbrain DOT org