Re: [mirrorbrain] Packages for Debian

From: Peter Pml <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 15:15:46 +0100
Hi Oliver,

Am 11.11.2010 um 14:29 schrieb Oliver Beattie:
> I just wonder if there are any plans to package MB to work with Debian Squeeze, in addition to the current Lenny. I've had a quick bash at this myself using the control files I found in the OBS instance, but failed miserably and thought it may be easier for you to build it under OBS. If there aren't, I'll go ahead and press on to do it myself :)

I checked and unfortunately found that OBS doesn't support building for Squeeze. 

That means that it is not easy for me, because the openSUSE Build Service is the only vehicle I ever used to build packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

The control files in the OBS are likely very specific for working there, don't conform to any packaging standard, and are generally made by an unprofessional (me). If you (or anyone else) had input on how to improve here, I would be happy to incorporate changes, or give access to directly work on the project. 

It might well be that some changes make building (and rebuilding later) on Debian Squeeze at least easier.

It would be great for MirrorBrain to become an official package in Debian's and Ubuntu's packaging system. Unfortunately, I lack the time to acquaint myself with becoming a maintainer there.

I just wonder whether newer Ubuntu packages (10.04) possibly be used on Debian Squeeze? (The idea just occured to me, even though something like that is usually not a road to happiness)

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