2.9.0 release with major updates

Tue, 28 Jul 2009

MirrorBrain version 2.9.0 has been released.

An important change is that a restriction in the mb tool which made it require mod_asn to be installed alongside MirrorBrain has been removed. Thus, MirrorBrain can now be installed without installing mod_asn.

The tools have been much revisited. The metalink-hasher received major work. File probing has been parallized, and enhanced with many features.

Perhaps the most significant advance is new docs subdirectory in the code tree. Any changes there are automatically reflected online at http://mirrorbrain.org/docs/. The current content there still needs to be looked at with one eye slightly squinted, but now everything's up and running to really document things.

See the Release Notes for the complete list of changes!

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