2.6 Release: Network Topological Mirror Selection

Fri, 13 Feb 2009

MirrorBrain 2.6 has been released, with a major new feature. Through the Apache module mod_asn, it uses BGP routing data to introduce two additional mirror selection criteria: network prefix and autonomous system number (AS). This network-topological knowledge supplements the country-based mirror selection (which relies on the GeoIP database). They work on a pretty much lower level and don't replace the latter. The country lookup is still needed for many requests, because there are many more ASs than mirrors — but for a subpopulation of users the change has a significant impact.

I owe a big "thank you" to Björn Metzdorf who approached me with this idea, nearly a year ago. Also, Christian Deckelmann, Simon Leinen and Marko Jung have provided very fruitful discussion, insight and support.

The change has a number of important implications:

The change is up and running on download.opensuse.org and also on the other MirrorBrain instances.

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