2.1 Release. Main Feature: Slow Mirror Protection

Mon, 10 Nov 2008

MirrorBrain 2.1 was released!

There is a new feature: It's now possible to configure specific mirrors to get only requests for files smaller than a certain size.

Mirrors with limited bandwidth can easily become very slow, and result in a bad user experience, when large files are downloaded. So there is often a need to disable redirection to such mirrors at all. However, those mirrors could still be useful to handle smallish requests. So the idea is that you just don't send them requests for the very large files. At the same time, this takes load off them and should increase their performance for those smaller requests.

With the latest change in MirrorBrain, you can configure a maximum filesize for specific mirrors in the database.

Another change in this release is a significant simplification of the Apache configuration.

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