Re: [mirrorbrain] IPv6 geo location support?

From: Per Jessen <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 22:33:10 +0100
On 05/02/15 20:23, peter green wrote:
> On 05/02/15 09:37, Per Jessen wrote:
>> IPv6 geo location data is becoming available, see e.g.
>> ATM, mirrorbrain doesn't seem to make use of any IPv6 geo location data?
>> (at least not for
> I'm fairly sure mirrorbrain can use ipv6 geolocation data if it's set up
> to do so. My install certainly does.
> Having said that the maxmind geoipv6 data seems to be fairly crap, for
> example it seems to geolocate all freenet6 addresses to canada. The
> database you link to seems to have the same problem (at least from the
> headline it gives me).

Partial, semi accurate data is better than none - looking up my ipv6 
prefixes gave me accurate information from the database above.

> Building a geolocation database from whois data is one thing but an
> accurate geolocation database requires you to go further than that since
> the country where an IP block is registered in the whois database may not
> be the country the IPs are used in.

My understanding is that is usually done from routing info. (e.g. RIPE 

>  what do you see if you use ipv6 to browse to

I get two local mirrors, 23 in Europe. Looks good, much better than what I 
get at

TBH, I probably posted my question with a poor assumption of mirrorbrain 
==  The mirror redirection at is much 
better than at


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