Re: [mirrorbrain] getting involved in MirrorBrain development

From: Florian Effenberger <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 15:20:40 +0200
Hi Peter,

thanks for your fast reply!

2013/5/14 "Dr. Peter Pml" <>:

> I have gotten at least one request with interest for packaging on a recent Ubuntu version. Unfortunately, I didn't find any time to look into it :(

a few days ago, the Ubuntu 11.10 build we have used so far with 12.04
has disappeared. I now managed to repackage it at
and managed to make it install on 12.04 as well. There are still some
issues with the Python modules, as I manually need to do touch
/usr/share/pyshared/mb/__init.py__ && ln -s /usr/share/pyshared/mb
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mb && apt-get -f install to
make it work. Clearly it's only a small flag or somesuch missing, and
only reveals my lack of developer knowledge, but I'm getting there.
;-) However, compiling specifically for Ubuntu 12.04 didn't work out,
but then, I didn't investigate further yet.

> There is subversion repository, which lives on the host that also serves, and write access is no problem. Of course, sending patches here makes it easy to look at them by anyone interested, but many changes don't need a discussion really, it depends. There is no procedure cast in stone. I think, just let me know and do it in whichever way works for you guys. Or if you want a different repository elsewhere, why not...

Unless you have other plans, I think using the existing repositories
makes a lot of sense. Our developers prefer git, but this should be no
blocker in any way. :-) Cloning the repository at the OpenSUSE build
service was just to create a Ubuntu 11.10 package, but if you can
enable those builds again at your official repo, or grant me access to
it so I can do so, my repository can vanish again.

If I send you some OSB usernames, and some SSH keys, can you grant a
few trusted TDF contacts (most of them you should know anyways)
access, so we can have a look? Before changing things, we'd poke you,
but having access to learn surely would help.

What I could contribute is documentation. I must confess I found the
initial setup quite confusing, so I have written my own documentation
that I am happy to contribute. It's based on Ubuntu 12.04, and is
scriptable - e.g. you set variables for the MB database and
username+password, and then can install everything automatically.
That's the way we document our stuff, but it can easily be rewritten
to a regular style.

How do you write and publish documentation at the moment? Via RST files?

> That would be nice :)


> One big step forward with regard to availability of packaged binaries would be to start packaging MirrorBrain upstream on Debian / Ubuntu. It would be really great to have somebody with experience in this regard.

So far, I lack insight here, but it sounds worthwhile learning a bit.
At least right now, the OpenSUSE build service provided packages have
some issues, but probably it's just my fault.

> There are probably some things in MirrorBrain that could be improved to make packaging easier (Makefiles, for instance) - to make it easier for upstream people. I guess, MirrorBrain is not exactly easy to package right now.

One thing I have on screen at least for Ubuntu 12.04 is IPv6 mod_geoip
- the Ubuntu package doesn't provide that yet, so bundling one that
works with MirrorBrain makes sense.


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