[mirrorbrain] IPv6 / Multiple trees / Template system

From: Tom Albers <toma_at_kde.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 20:54:02 -0000 (UTC)

Currently KDE is investigating the possibility to switch over to MirrorBrain. We have setup a MB instance and we have a couple of questions. I hope it is ok to aggregate some in one mail.

I've got some mirrors only accessible via ipv6. Or some mirrors only have rsync and ftp available via IPv6. As the host is also IPv6 capable, indexing will be fine. But the IPv6 mirrors should only be offered to clients that have IPv6 available. Is there any solution for this planned or available?

Multiple instances. 
We currently offer ftp.kde.org via a mirror network. But the last year or so, more data for applications is provided via files.kde.org. I would like to know if it is possible to set this up on the mb-server we already have setup for for ftp.kde.org. Can it be added in a different virtualhost config within apache, how does that work with the dbd module configuration? Do we get a list like I can see at: http://mirrors.opensuse.org/list/all.html with different columns? Anyhow, what do you suggest us to do...

Templating the download page. 
We got some comments on the default .mirrorlist page you provide. We have 'hacked' it by a bunch of javascript calls so it looks like we want. But we are scared this will break on one of the future upgrades, so, would it be possible to use a templating system, so we can create our own template? Adjustments we made can be seen at: http://mirrorbrain-test.kde.org/ls-lR?mirrorlist and include:
- big download button for the impatient
- metalinks 'for reliable downloads' indicate the rest of the methods are unreliable. Removed. 
- powered by mirrorbrain was just below the filename, this caused confusion, as there is no relation between the software and mirrorbrain itself, so we moved that to the footer.
- bullet points before metalinks, etc.
- user details to the bottom
All in all, it would be easier when you could use a templating system. Would that be possible?


Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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