Re: [mirror discuss] RFC: concept for collecting download statistics

From: Joost Andrae <Joost.Andrae_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 10:20:37 +0200
Hi Peter,

I had a short look at your page Bouncer uses Apache log files as well

and someone created a query interface based on that data

 From my experience People would like to have statistical data as 
detailed as possible eg. a native language team would like to know 
download numbers for their language and split into platforms. Others 
would like to see download data for one specific release and others 
would like to compare download numbers of release A and release B.

> I wrote up what I believe could be a good plan for collecting download 
> statistics. I believe it would fit, openSUSE, as well as 
> other projects. Not only MirrorBrain users - it could be used
> independently, or with other redirectors.
> Looking forward to your comments!

Kind regards, Joost

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