[mirrorbrain] server just responds with the apache default page

From: René Kalmes <r.kalmes_at_science-computing.de>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2016 18:01:03 +0100
Dear Brains ;)

I’m new to my job, new to webservers and my english isn’t very well, too… so I hope you understand my issues ^^.

Actually I’m configuring mirrorbrain with asn. I have some Ubuntu clients and local mirror servers. All I want is redirecting update requests to the best possible local server.

But so far it doesn’t work correctly. I’ve installed apache and mirrorbrain on debian 8.

When I use your curl examples with my debian apache server, all I get is the default apache web page (“it works! This is the default […and so on]”.  The result is the same for every kind of request.

The asn module is loaded and I can use the mb tool. So simple commands like “mb list” does work.

I don’t get any errors.

So I think it depends on the apache settings…do you have any idea where I could start searching the mistake I’ve done?

Kindly regards,


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