Re: [mirrorbrain] ipv6 mirrors for ipv6 clients?

From: peter green <>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:22:50 +0100
On 19/04/16 09:29, Per Jessen wrote:
> I thought ipv4/ipv6 capability was an attribute of the mirror.
Theres an "ipv6only" setting for marking mirros that only support IPv6 
but no corresponding "ipv4only" setting for marking mirrors that only 
support IPv4.
>   Well, it's no big deal, having an IPv6-only client is somewhat 
> unlikely, even contrived.
I have had users complain about it before. It's true that for general 
internet access IPv6 only is not workable right now but not every box 
that wants linux distro updates needs general internet access.

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