Re: [mirrorbrain] mirrorbrain on debian jessie, can't connect to db.

From: peter green <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 23:50:44 +0100
>> Am 18.10.2015 um 14:57 schrieb peter green<>:
>> I'm trying to set up mirrorbrain on Debian jessie. unfortunately I'm getting the following in my error log.
>> [Sun Oct 18 13:40:41.813108 2015] [dbd:error] [pid 5301:tid 140353868875520] (20014)Internal error: AH00633: failed to initialise
>> [Sun Oct 18 13:40:41.813115 2015] [mirrorbrain:error] [pid 5301:tid 140353868875520] [client] [mod_mirrorbrain] Error acquiring database connection, referer:
>> Any idea how to go about debugging this?
Answering my own question, it seems the answer in my case was "look at 
the global error.log". The useless error message was in both the vhost 
specific error log and the global error log but the useful error message 
was only in the global error.log

     [Sun Oct 18 13:24:07.617235 2015] [dbd:error] [pid 4571:tid 
140683085744000] (20014)Internal error: AH00632: failed to prepare SQL 
statements: ERROR:  relation "pfx2asn" does not exist\nLINE 1: ...EPARE 
asn_dbd_1 (varchar) AS SELECT pfx, asn FROM pfx2asn 
WH...\n                                                             ^\n
     [Sun Oct 18 13:24:07.617339 2015] [dbd:error] [pid 4571:tid 
140683085744000] (20014)Internal error: AH00633: failed to initialise
     [Sun Oct 18 13:24:07.617352 2015] [dbd:crit] [pid 4571:tid 
140683085744000] (20014)Internal error: AH00636: child init failed!

I disabled mod_asn and it seemed to start working, I guess mod_asn needs 
some setting up on the database side. The tutorial could be clearer on 
this at least for people following the "debian" route (the "debian" page 
mentions installing it but not configuring it, it then skips you to the 
"initial configuration steps on all platforms page" skipping the 
"installing mod_asn" page. Even when you do find that page it's not 
particually clear that it needs manual configuration when installed from 
a package.

I might go back and look into this in more detail later but for now I 
can live without mod_asn

On 18/10/15 18:41, Peter Pml wrote:
> So the first thing to check would be whether Apache httpd and it's modules were built in the same environment and fit together. Where did you get httpd from, the dbd driver package, and mod_mirrorbrain? Were they all built for Jessie?
For the record apache came from Debian (though I later recompiled it 
from the Debian source with some slight modifications while on a wild 
goose chase trying to track down this issue).  The mirrorbrain packages 
came from "deb /"

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