Re: [mirrorbrain] github

From: Michael Meier <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2015 07:49:11 +0200
On 06/05/15 03:18, Peter Pml wrote:
> I felt that some rejuvenation was due, and imported the Subversion
> source tree of MirrorBrain to github. I didn't do anything with it yet,
> but feel free to start working with it there:

So - is the plan to move the main development to github instead of the
self hosted SVN, or are you not sure yet and this is just an experiment?
In any case, having an up-to-date repository copy on github is
definitely a good idea, and will make it much easier to contribute patches.
I'm always a bit reluctant to move things to github, because they are
after all a commercial entity that has to earn money and appease
shareholders, and you never know when they might turn "bad" (remember
sourceforge?); but at least thanks to the nature of git it is no problem
to move your source repositories elsewhere when that happens.

> And just now, I migrated all issues from the issue tracker on to
> github's issue tracker. I never quite got warm with the Roundup tracker,
> and nowadays there are much better alternatives, that I don't even need
> to host on my own...

OK, so at least for the bugtracker you want to use github from now on?

> Ah, and before you wonder, mod_asn and mod_stats are not on github yet.

That is a deficit you should fix soon, because all their bugs from the
bug tracker are already there now... But they are now all assigned to
"mirrorbrain", even though they might be for "mod_asn", like e.g. #154.
You'd get at least two pull requests from me as soon as mod_asn is on

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