[mirrorbrain] Feature request: check scanning protocol in base url check.

From: peter green <plugwash_at_p10link.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 12:23:06 +0100
While looking at a report of failure from a user I discovered a mirror 
that was not responding over rsync and had a large number of files 
missing on http (yes i've complained to the mirror admin). Mirrorbrain's 
base url check passed making it think the mirror was up and of course 
scanning failed making mirrorbrain think the mirror still had all the 
files it had previously had. The result was unhappy users.

IMO in cases where a different protocol is used for scanning than for 
redirection it would be good to check the base url used for scanning in 
the base url check. If the protocol used for scanning is not available 
it likely indicates problems with the mirror and i'd preffer a mirror 
with problems was pulled out of rotation until those problems are fixed.

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