Re: [mirrorbrain] 2.18.0 for testing - anyone?

From: Dr. Peter Pöml <>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 01:00:07 +0100

>> I have a release candidate for 2.18.0. Anyone who likes to give it a go?
>> Let me know which platform.
> I'd love to, but I'm swamped at least the next 1-2 weeks, so it might
> take a while :(

No problem!

>> I'm about to update the OBS (open build service) package, if nobody
>> minds - because that could be the easiest way to get packages to you for
>> testing.
> Did you did update either these or the floeff repository? My server
> today offered me updated packages, but I didn't have time to have a
> further look yet :)

I updated Apache:MirrorBrain -- home:floeff remains unchanged.
Just check your .mirrorlist webdesign when you update, otherwise not much should go wrong.

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