[mirrorbrain] getting involved in MirrorBrain development

From: Florian Effenberger <floeff_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 17:45:45 +0200

let me first briefly introduce myself: I'm responsible for the
infrastructure at The Document Foundation, the entity behind
LibreOffice. We have been using MirrorBrain from the first day on, and
are happy users of it - it reliably handles our downloads and about
100 mirrors supporting us worldwide.

Over the years, we have been compiling a hand full of bugfixes, mostly
in terms of documentation, and right now are moving our MirrorBrain
host from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04, where no official package exists and
we use some workarounds to let it run.

As we intend to make further use of MirrorBrain, we would like to get
more involved into its development. By contributing back our changes
and improvements, we hope to help other users as well, and feedback
with all of you is surely very helpful.

In addition, we are currently developing a statistics functionality.
It's still in an early state, but the goal is to have something in
Django that can also provide live statistics - right now, we use a
self-written script parsing the log files.

I am writing to you today with two main questions:

- Are there other active users out there who run MirrorBrain on recent
Ubuntu versions and would like to get involved in providing packages
and improvements?
- What's the proposed process of getting them upstream? Is there a
repository one can get write access to, shall patches be sent in?

Note that while I'm an infrastructure administrator, my development
skills tend to zero - luckily we have a few Python hackers in our team
who contribute a lot.

I know Peter has been quite busy over the last months, but maybe with
some joined forces we can support him a bit. :-)

Looking forward to your feedback!

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