Re: [mirrorbrain] Mirrorbrain handing of modified files.

From: peter green <>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 23:36:10 +0100
Dr. Peter Pöml wrote:
> MirrorBrain stores the full path and uses that for redirection, anchored to the top-level directory of your file tree.
 From where does mirrorbrain determine "the top-level directory of my 
file tree"? the <directory> block in which the mirrorbrain engine
is enabled? the documentroot of the vhost? somewhere else?

> You don't have to worry about confusion with /anothersubdir/file1, because only the full (relative) path is used, not some part or trailing filename.
Presumablly this also means that partial mirrors can't be used.
> Thus, you can have as many "Packages" files as you like ;)
Which is good news though I don't think I can really mirrorbrain them 
because of the lack of data checking.

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