[mirrorbrain] Intro and Incorrect checksums for mirrorbrain VirtualBox VM appliance: http://mirrorbrain.org/eval/openSUSE_11.1/ and incorrect cmdln location in mp.py

From: Philippe Ombredanne <pombredanne_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 13:12:57 +0100
Howdy mirrored brainiacs:
First, a quick intro:
I am an open source hacker and enthusiast, historically java and eclipse 
wonk, nowadays mostly playing with Python and C/C++.
I am also a kind of software archivist and collector, a bit like some 
folks collect stamps, I do collect software: I peruse mirrors a few 
terabytes at a time.
I shall say that MB rocks, and you guys deserve kudos.

If I can modestly contribute, I will.

FWIW, the checksums for mirrorbrain VirtualBox VM appliance at 
are incorrect.
VB checks these in http://mirrorbrain.org/eval/openSUSE_11.1/mb-eval.mf
This makes a vanilla VM import in VB fail.
The checksums are likely for a 2.13.x version of mB.
The VM is for mb 2.14 but that is no biggie per se.

I deleted the .mf file and had to tweak a bit the VM settings and was 
able to get some boot, but the xfs fs never mounted allright.

the location for cmdln in mp.py comments:
cmdln from http://trentm.com/projects/cmdln/
Install via e.g.
easy_install http://trentm.com/downloads/cmdln/1.1.1/cmdln-1.1.1.zip
(it is not in the Python CheeseShop so far)"

but is now here:

I would suggest that it should be cached in the mb SVN repo and 
distribute with mb to avoid issues in the future of deps that can disappear.
As a software collector, I can tell you this is happening more often 
than not.

Keep on rockin'


philippe ombredanne | 1 650 799 0949 | pombredanne at nexb.com
nexB - Open by Design (tm) - http://www.nexb.com
http://eclipse.org/atf - http://eclipse.org/soc - http://eclipse.org/vep
http://drools.org/ - http://easyeclipse.org - http://phpeclipse.com

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