[mirrorbrain-announce] MirrorBrain 2.14.0 released - taking geographical distances into account

From: Peter Pöml <peter_at_poeml.de>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 16:38:46 +0100

MirrorBrain 2.14.0 is out. It comes with several new features and bug
fixes. A short summary follows below — please refer to the release notes
for more details.

- MirrorBrain can now use geographical distance as additional criterion
  in mirror selection.

- Per-file mirror lists visualize the closest mirrors via Google Maps.
  Example, which also shows geographical distance being considered:

- Running behind a load balancer or other reverse proxy was tested and a
  bug fixed in this regard.

- MirrorBrain can now be used in conjunction with a multitude of access
  control mechanisms available in Apache. A bug has been fixed which
  prevented this.

- Experimental support for restricted downloads has been implemented, by
  redirecting to temporary URLs whose validity can be verified by the

Packaged binaries are built and ready for upgrading. You will find them
on the download page, as usual:

Please consider a donation to support MirrorBrain development:

Thanks everyone for their support!


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