[mirrorbrain] Authenticating downloads?

From: Oliver Beattie <oliver_at_obeattie.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 07:09:21 +0000
Hi there,

We am considering implementing MirrorBrain for a download site of ours
that has outgrown its current solution, but I need to pick someone's
brain to find out if it's possible to do what we need. Basically, all
our downloads have to be authenticated. The way we would like to do
this is with Basic authentication (as is the current implementation)
on the MB server, and then to generate signed one-time URLs to each of
the mirrors (this would likely have a combination of an expiration
timestamp and a signature, signed with a private key).

I'm wondering whether this is possible with MirrorBrain? It's fine if
MB has to redirect to the same machine to a different path to generate
the new outgoing, signed URL, but it's not clear from the docs whether
this is feasible.

Any guidance would be much appreciated :)


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