[mirrorbrain] ArchServer using MirrorBrain

From: Peter Pml <peter_at_poeml.de>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 14:27:04 +0200
Yesterday, ArchServer announced that they use MirrorBrain!


  Mirror Infrastructure Update
  Some important changes have been made to the setup of the master
  repository and mirror infrastructure of the ArchServer Project.
  There are now 2 sites for repositories:

   - repo.archserver.org - this is the official repository where files
     are actually hosted.
   - mirror.archserver.org - this is a Mirrorbrain site that looks
     identical to repo.archserver.org, but any downloads will be farmed
     off to our mirrors automatically based on the clients IP address.

  repo.archserver.org will continue to work as normal for file requests,
  however directory listing requests will be redirected to
  mirror.archserver.org to allow Mirrorbrain to do it's job.

  A big benefit of this change is that Mirrorbrain now takes care of
  torrents for us -- any file in the repositories (from ISO images to
  individual packages) can now be downloaded via bittorrent. Initial
  seeding will come from HTTP mirrors.

Welcome on board!


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