[mirrorbrain] mod_asn 1.5 released

From: Peter Pml <peter_at_poeml.de>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 21:42:39 +0200

I have released a new version of mod_asn with a bugfix which is
important for everybody with IPv6 connectivity. The database of AS
(autonomous system) numbers is IPv4-only, and in addition, attempted
lookups seem to cause problems within the PostgreSQL ip4r contrib data
type. The symptom was a complete failure of the database server after a
while of running, and subsequent error messages from Apache. See issue
#58: http://mirrorbrain.org/issues/issue58

While I was at it, I changed another little thing, that you shouldn't
notice at all (regarding http://mirrorbrain.org/issues/issue7).

Release notes:

Packages should all built by now, and you'll find them in the package
repositories listed at http://mirrorbrain.org/mod_asn/download/


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