[mirrorbrain] possible start of a web frontend

From: Peter Pml <poeml_at_cmdline.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 03:30:47 +0100

just for the fun, I'd like to share two screenshots. Nothing  
spectactular -- I just spend a few minutes displaying mirror metadata  
from the existing database. I took the time to play with it for the  
sole reason that I had Django set up already to work with the database  
(since I had been working on the download statistic stuff). That's  
also why there's nothing in svn, because I misused another webapp for  
this, where it really doesn't belong...

List of mirrors, with searching, filtering, and showing online status:

Edit mask (only half of the mask visible here):

Of course, that's *so* useful that I immediately went through all  
disabled mirrors and checked what's wrong. That tells something,  
doesn't it? :-) Even though I love the commandline tools and "mb list  
--disabled" isn't hard to type (well, if you know about it).

Now it would be really useful if, in the mask, there'd be buttons for  
tasks like "show me what's on the mirrors URLs" and "scan mirror and  
enable it afterwards". The code is there, it just needs to be wrapped  
up and displayed, preferably by somebody who is good in web (app)  
design :-)


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