[mirrorbrain-announce] 2.11.3 release: bug fixes and small improvements

From: Peter Poeml <poeml_at_cmdline.net>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 19:05:27 +0100

MirrorBrain 2.11.3 has been released with bugfixes and small new
features in the toolchain. Additionally, the documentation got some

Concise list of changes:
  * null-rsync:
    - IO errors returned by rsync are handled now
    - remote errors from rsync are ignored now
  * mb db sizes:
    - show sizes of tables from mod_stats
  * mb db shell:
    - fix resuming after command suspension
  * mb list:
    - new options -H, -F, -R to display HTTP/FTP/rsync base URLs
  * mb mirrorlist:
    - try harder to not leave temp files
    - add a link to our project in the footer
  Documentation changes:
  - MirrorBrainFallback now documented in the example mod_mirrorbrain.conf
  - -t 20 option removed from the mirrorprobe call, since it's the default now
  - hint about ulimits has been removed, which turned out to be a band-aid
    for a purely local problem.
  - hint about loading a database dump with mb db shell added

Release notes are here, as always:


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