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From: Peter Pml <poeml_at_cmdline.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 20:53:54 +0100
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Shaun from AussieHQ posted an interesting overview about Australien  
mirror landscape on the CentOS mirror mailing list.

> I believe that the Australian mirror structure is quite good. As an  
> example,
> on a population to mirror ratio we have nearly double what the US has.
> Of the 11 public mirrors we have, the majority of the eyeballs within
> Australia have either direct access with a mirror on their network  
> (eg:
> Telstra and Optus have mirrors) or have access to another network via
> peering.
> The academic community is also well served by AARNet's mirror as  
> well as
> those offered by various universities such as Monash and Swinburne.
> Our mirror doesn't have near as much capacity as AARNet's mirror for
> example, but I'm yet to see it approach anywhere near the capacity  
> that
> we've given it (our OpenOffice.org mirror for example easily does  
> 10-20x the
> traffic of our CentOS mirror). If this holds true across the entire
> Australian mirror network, then we're anything but a black hole.
> About 30% of the Australian mirrors are also IPv6 connected - three  
> of the
> public mirrors have IPv6 support on their main hostname including  
> ours and I
> know of one other that has IPv6 support via an alternate hostname.
> DVDs are of course lacking but I don't believe this is due to a lack  
> of
> interest from mirrors themselves but merely a lack of a procedure/ 
> capacity
> to get that content out to mirrors.  We've always carried DVDs of  
> the latest
> releases (we'll BT them + seed for 72 hours and then stick them in the
> mirror structure manually after verifying MD5/SHA1) but I've just  
> had DVDs
> added across the board (using AARNet's mirror - Alex, if you have any
> objections please let me know).
> New Zealand seems to be a different story with only one mirror over  
> there. I
> do however know that it's less than 30ms across the Tasman, and we  
> do have a
> number of downloads from NZ based hosts (about 5% compared to our  
> Australian
> based traffic using DNS based identification only - not GeoIP).
> Just some thoughts...
> -Shaun


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