Simplified Installation

Fri, 23 Jan 2009

Version 2.4 was released. It is mainly a maintenance release, simplifying the installation and rounding up some things.

Memcache support is now completely optional (and no longer suggested), which makes it significantly easier to build and deploy MirrorBrain. One thing less to worry about!

The Apache module, mod_zrkadlo, has been renamed to mod_mirrorbrain, because the previous name was hard to memorize and spell.

Feature updates include:

  • handle the pseudo-country called "A2", which is returned by GeoIP lookup for satellite links.
  • automatic reenabling of dead mirrors, when they come back.
  • the mirrorlist generator is complete now.
  • geoip-lite-update tool updated for the URL it uses. It also downloads the city edition of the free GeoIP database now.
  • rely on mod_geoip now, which means that the GeoIP city database can now be used.
  • new geoiplookup_city tool added, which shows details about IP addresses from the city database.
  • the clientip=x.x.x.x query parameter is no longer supported; instead it's possible to use country=xy. This change became necessary due to usage of mod_geoip.
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