Post-2.2 Work On The Toolchain.

Sat, 13 Dec 2008

First, mirrorlist generation is a current target. Programmatical generation of mirrorlists like is now easily possible, and it is possible to filter for things and show only mirrors that mirror a certain part of the tree:

Second, the toolchain got the following new features and improvements:

  • the mirrorprobe now does GET requests instead of HEAD requests. This is safer. A mirror with crashed filesystem might still be able to answer a HEAD correctly.
  • mb, the mirrorbrain tool, has a powerful "probefile" command now that can check for existance of a file on all mirrors, probing every known URLs - HTTP, FTP and rsync ones. This is especially useful for checking whether the permission setup for staged content is correct on all mirrors.

Third, the database got new fields named public_notes, operator_name, operator_url, to store additional data about mirrors. Plus, it got two new tables:

  • one with ISO 3166 country codes and country names
  • one for the regions (continents).

A tarball has been spun and can be downloaded from the download section.

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