2.13.0 release with IETF Metalink and Torrent generator

Mon, 06 Sep 2010

I'm very happy to announce MirrorBrain version 2.13.0. An extraordinary amount of work went into this release, and I hope you will enjoy the new features and fixed bugs.


  • IETF Metalink support (now that RFC5854 is done)
  • Hash server for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, BitTorrent infohash, PGP. E.g., just append ".sha1" to any URL, and get the hash!
  • Torrent generator embedded right in MirrorBrain. Generate torrents that actually work, with intelligent web seeding (only the closest mirrors)!
  • Experimental support for zsync and for Magnet links
  • Ubuntu 10.04 support
  • numerous bug fixes, usability enhancements, and added docs (still a lot left to do in docs department...)

To see the new features in action, you can go to http://download.services.openoffice.org/files/stable/3.2.1/ and click on one of the Details links. Note the available metadata.

See the full 2.13.0 release notes for details (long!).

Packages are all built and ready for upgrading. Get them from your package repo, or from the download page.

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