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msg239 (view) Author: fukawi2 Date: 2010-09-17.11:24:51
mb export --format=mirmon currently produces 4 columns:
http	us
ftp	us
http	fr
http	se

The first column is not required for current version (2.3) of mirmon.
msg240 (view) Author: fukawi2 Date: 2010-09-17.11:25:49
Workaround is to do:
mb export --format=mirmon | /bin/awk '{ print $2, $3, $4 }' > mirrorlist
msg267 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2010-09-19.03:26:08
mb export can create two different formats now:

root@download # mb export --format=mirmon | tail -2
root@download # mb export --format=mirmon-apache | tail -2
http    kz
ftp     kz

Hey, and now that reading the man page of mirmon-2.3. Turns out that Henk had very similar 
thoughts at some time :-) Look at this option:

       Two formats are supported :

       * plain : lines like
             us [email] ...
             nl [email] ...
             nl rsync:// [email] ...

       * apache : lines like those in the apache mirrors.list
             ftp  us ...
             http nl ...

       Note that in style 'plain' the third item is reserved for an optional email address : 
the site's contact address.

       Specify the required format with 'list_style' (see below).  The default style is 

So it turns out that mirmon can use two formats, and the default has changed recently.

Now the default matches again with the one of mb export.

The fix is in trunk, r8145.
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