Title make MirrorBrain a "hash server"
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msg140 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2010-03-08.20:51:24
MirrorBrain could become a "hash server": Whenever a suffix like ".md5" or 
"sha256" is appended to an URL, MirrorBrain could return the corresponding hash. 
Would be really cool.

Easy to implement, once issue 40 is done.
msg142 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2010-03-08.21:21:56
Serving the hashes by appending the corresponding file suffix, like .md5, could 
shadow existing .md5 files; likewise for sha1 files. But I think it would still be 
worthwhile and it wouldn't matter at all.
msg161 (view) Author: poeml Date: 2010-03-12.16:28:47
Implemented in trunk, r7991:

 curl -s  
b8ac00bedff1e85fae9b3ca1af8ed616d1d177010156a97d1275d8b6035959d6  OOo_3.1.1rc2_20090820_Win32Intel_langpack_sw-TZ.exe

 curl -s
0e1aefc1df0ba4c147fb36d3c62d000441e6b945  OOo_3.1.1rc2_20090820_Win32Intel_langpack_sw-TZ.exe

 curl -s   
c7feb5365c2e9ce205ba212c6fa19aa0  OOo_3.1.1rc2_20090820_Win32Intel_langpack_sw-TZ.exe
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