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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
131 20 months ago In mirror lists, all links are hardcoded to 'http' and can't use 'https' testing poeml poeml
157 7 months ago install motion error unread jimmykuo  
155 13 months ago mod_mirrorbrain.c:506: possible bad test ? chatting dcb poeml
26 19 months ago Don't send 404 to files that still exist on some of the mirrors chatting poeml poeml
140 20 months ago "mb file ls -m <mirror>" broken? unread poeml  
124 20 months ago mirrorlist has base href tag chatting floeff poeml
115 20 months ago unparseable index at in-progress floeff poeml
120 20 months ago upstream Python problem on Ubuntu chatting floeff poeml
111 20 months ago parsing ibiblio doesn't work anymore chatting floeff poeml
122 20 months ago Ubuntu 11.10 build missing chatting floeff  
11 20 months ago scanner doesn't switch to next protocol in some cases deferred poeml  
10 20 months ago mirrorprobe doesn't detect certain errors, where HTTP server replies with 'OK' chatting poeml  
133 21 months ago OBS packages don't build on Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 chatting poeml poeml
86 31 months ago Bittorent multi-trackers tiers in-progress Kelson poeml
114 37 months ago Custom configuration file path testing gokdenizk poeml
33 42 months ago mirrorprobe: socket timeout doesn't trigger in some cases in-progress poeml poeml
93 42 months ago Import of oix full snapshot fails with 'value out of range for type integer' testing agy poeml
101 42 months ago mirrorprobe.log neither created nor rotated chatting floeff poeml
103 42 months ago mb scan does not work without -b with multiple instances. chatting toma  
83 42 months ago Bittorent download does not always work chatting Kelson poeml
80 60 months ago testing mirror selection with ?country=.. uses wrong continent chatting poeml poeml
69 61 months ago mb Python module's name can get into the way chatting poeml poeml
51 61 months ago Magnet links are erroneously escaped chatting poeml poeml
66 61 months ago traceback due to sql violation when updating mirror to prefix = null chatting fukawi2 poeml
154 4 months ago IPv6 support for mod_asn (Patch included) chatting crohmann  
153 18 months ago Produce map by redirect unread dagobert  
150 19 months ago Possibility to auto-disable outdated mirrors chatting rhertzog poeml
148 20 months ago Database upgrade to 2.18.0 does not work chatting dagobert  
144 20 months ago Inconsistent use of Python hashbang unread dagobert  
92 20 months ago Metalink .torrent url integration chatting Kelson poeml
5 34 months ago Logging configuration suitable for MirrorBrain needs to be documented in-progress poeml poeml
91 42 months ago check MIME type (Content-Type) on mirrors chatting sascha_silbe poeml
67 59 months ago [patch] tidy up http_readdir chatting fukawi2 poeml
16 61 months ago mod_geoip too old on Debian and Ubuntu deferred poeml poeml
64 61 months ago a new sql view for files with separate paths and filenames chatting fukawi2  
126 13 months ago config for loading apache modules unread jcpunk  
152 17 months ago Improve warning when mirror resolves to multiple IP adresses in-progress mk poeml
151 19 months ago Export to command files unread dagobert  
121 19 months ago Please consider supporting mirrors that only carry a subtree chatting plugwash  
4 19 months ago Things lacking in the Debian/Ubuntu packages in-progress poeml poeml
143 20 months ago Full consistent HTTPS support chatting dagobert  
147 20 months ago Warnings on compilation of mod_mirrorbrain.c unread dagobert  
142 20 months ago "mb edit" should work on new mirrors unread dagobert  
116 20 months ago mb dirs --missing should be limited to enabled mirrors chatting floeff  
110 20 months ago packaging: don't clutter /usr/bin in-progress poeml poeml
118 20 months ago Ubuntu 12.04 packages missing chatting floeff poeml
132 21 months ago URL signing: mirrorlists contain unsigned URLs that won't work chatting poeml poeml
39 21 months ago cosmetical improvement of per-file mirror lists, when used without mod_asn chatting poeml poeml
50 21 months ago Tiger hash for torrents chatting poeml poeml
38 23 months ago add magnet links to Metalinks in-progress poeml poeml
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