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+Implementation and design notes
+Database hash store
+Since 2.13.0, all hashes are stored in the database. Before, they were kept in
+files in the file system. The old store was suitable only for generation of
+old-style Metalinks.
+Inside the database, the hashes are stored as compart binary blobs. For
+transfer, they are converted to hexadecimal. This is due to the following
+design decision: Storage is binary in so-called ``bytea`` columns.  PostgreSQL
+automatically escapes binary (bytea) data on output in its own way. But this
+encoding is not very efficient in space. Hex encoding is more efficient (it
+results in shorter strings, and thus less data to transfer over the wire, and
+it's also faster). The escape format is kind phased out, and it doesn't make
+sense to use it in a new application (which we are).  On the other hand,
+storage in bytea is as compact as it can be, which is good.  So we store the
+data in binary, and provide a database view which converts to hex on the fly.
+The hex encoding function in PostgreSQL seems to be fast.

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