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Author: poeml
Date: Sat Mar 27 16:01:12 2010
New Revision: 8020

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- A hard-to-catch exception is now handled. If Python's socket module ran into
  a timeout while reading a chunked response, the exception would not be passed
  correctly to the upper layer, so it could not be caught by its name. We now
  wrap the entire thread into another exception, which would otherwise be bad
  practice, but is probably okay here, since we already catch all other exceptions.


Modified: trunk/docs/changes.rst
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--- trunk/docs/changes.rst (original)
+++ trunk/docs/changes.rst Sat Mar 27 16:01:12 2010
_at_@ -14,6 +14,9 @@
   Need to describe the "failure case" when the hash table doesn't exist yet, but
   mod_mirrorbrain can't prepare its statements then. Or: fix it.
+  => the problem is that when mod_mirrorbrain is already upgraded and reloaded, but no script has 
+     created the missing hash table yet
 * The requirement on the metalink package has been removed.

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