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add upgrade notes about PostgreSQL (8.4)


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+Upgrading PostgreSQL (and the ip4r data type)
+When upgrading PostgreSQL, it is important to look at the version number difference. 
+If the third digit changes, no special procedure is needed (except when the
+release notes explicitely hint about it).
+When the first or second digit change, then a dump-and-reload cycle is usually
+For instance, when upgrading from 8.3.5 to 8.3.7 nothing needs to be done. When
+upgrading from 8.3.7 to 8.4, you need to dump and reload.
+You might want to follow the instructions that your vendor provides. If your
+vendor doesn't provide an upgrade procedure, be warned that the database needs
+to be dumped before upgrading PostgreSQL.
+.. warning:: 
+   If your vendor's upgrade procedure automatically saves the previous
+   PostgreSQL binaries in case they are needed later, the procedure might not 
+   take into account that the :file:`ip4r.so` shared object might need to be saved as well.
+   Hence, you might be unable to start the old binaries, when the ip4r shared
+   object has been upgraded already.
+Hence, it is recommended that you do a complete dump of the databases before
+upgrading, and load that after upgrading.
+.. note:: 
+   When upgrading to 8.4, ``ident sameuser`` is no longer a valid value in
+   :file:`pg_hba.conf`. Replace it with ``ident``.

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