[mirrorbrain-commits] [opensuse-svn] r7581 - trunk/tools/download-redirector-v2

From: Novell Forge SVN <noreply_at_novell.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:43:17 -0600 (MDT)
Author: poeml
Date: 2009-06-22 14:43:15 -0600 (Mon, 22 Jun 2009)
New Revision: 7581

Remove note about possibly non-working parallelization of scanner runs, when run via cron.
It turns out that mail output was just misleading due to the effects of different buffering.

Modified: trunk/tools/download-redirector-v2/BUGS
--- trunk/tools/download-redirector-v2/BUGS	2009-06-22 15:10:57 UTC (rev 7580)
+++ trunk/tools/download-redirector-v2/BUGS	2009-06-22 20:43:15 UTC (rev 7581)
_at_@ -31,11 +31,6 @@
   That doesn't harm, because the symlinks are (intentionally) ignored anyway,
   but it clutters the output and of course is confusing.
-* scanner: the parallelization (scanning mirrors in parallel with -j N -a)
-  seems not to work when the scanner is spawned by a cronjob. Judging by mail
-  output, it seems to run the forked processes serially and not in parallel.
 * check if the Vary header on Accept is added on all requests!
 * mod_geoip should be required as mod_form - and Apache should check at

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