My former employer, SUSE Linux Products GmbH resp. Novell Inc, enabled me to let a hobby become a profession. Without them, I couldn't have had the experience which lead into the development of MirrorBrain. Without SUSE Linux, MirrorBrain would not exist.

Thanks also to others who have contributed hands-on time, experience and crucial input at one point or the other:

  • Andrea Veri
  • Anthony Bryan
  • Bart Otten
  • Björn Metzdorf
  • Brad Nicholes
  • Christian Deckelmann
  • Christian Lohmaier
  • Christian Rohmann
  • Christoph Thiel
  • Cory Fields
  • Dagobert Michelsen
  • Daniel Molketin
  • Deepak Gupta
  • David Farning
  • Florian Effenberger
  • Gökdeniz Karadağ
  • Harold Feit
  • Jürgen Weigert
  • Lance Albertson
  • Lars Vogdt
  • Marcus Lange
  • Marcus Rückert
  • Marko Jung
  • Michael Meier
  • Michael Schröder
  • Neil McNab
  • Nick Kew
  • Nick Schermer
  • Oliver Beattie
  • Phillip Smith
  • Ryan C. Gordon
  • Simon Leinen
  • Stefan Taxhet
  • Stephan Jauernick
  • Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
  • Thorsten Behrens
  • Tom Albers
  • Trent Mick

Did I forget anyone?

Many users, from all parts of the world, have provided ideas, feedback, and insights about regional particularities, which have lead to refinements in the algorithm of mirror selection.

This project wouldn't have been feasible without the fantastic Apache Portable Runtime and Apache HTTP Server.

The MirrorBrain website, and development infrastructure, runs on a Virtual Server hosted by, who provide great service (and bandwidth!). I honestly recommend them. Their VServer / Virtual Server offerings are solid and competetively priced.

Credits to Mark James for providing his wonderful flag icon set.

This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from Thanks for GeoIP and mod_geoip!